The good folks at Billboard Brazil have found a way to make music while making water: Guitar Pee.


Disclaimer:  Some folks might find the following offensive, crude or tasteless.  We suggest those who might be offended stop reading this article now.


Yes, friends, science has finally caught up with us.  Billboard Brazil is sponsoring a urinal contraption that allows your stream to make your solo act into a blazing guitar solo.


It appears that they have rigged an ordinary urinal with a series of pressure sensitive triggers that is connected to a playback device loaded with heavy metal/shred licks.  Aiming your stream on the different triggers engages different tracks, which are played back through a “head” level speaker system that resembles a Marshall combo amp.


The urinal itself is decorated with non-functioning Fender Strat style neck, which for some reason has a locking nut.  (I don’t have a joke for this yet, but I know it’s in there.)


After creating a solo, the Guitar Pee urinal generates a number allowing the user to download their creation from their website.  And, yes, they call the download an MPee3.


Billboard Brazil is set to put the device on tour at various bars in Sao Paulo.


It is not yet known if the burning type of urination triggers a burning guitar solo


Who knows when inspiration will strike?  Most likely after the third beer.


Yes, you can be the Number One Rock Star.


You can see the Guitar Pee in action and watch the demo video at the Guitar Pee Website.