A mix of Nashville Country Blues and New Orleans Country Blues , “Granny’s Got a Tramp Stamp” incorporates pop, rock ‘n roll, country, blues, jazz, and slap bass funk into its high-energy melody.

Sung by Edwin Cook, the youngest of the last legal lineage of Cornell Gunter’s Coasters, the comical and whimsical 132-beat-per-minute tune also displays the talents of seven accomplished musicians – Brenda Bouchard on keyboards and background vocals, Mark Kotaska on bass, Rick Powell on drums, T-Bone Demman on guitars, Tim Ehlen on trumpets, Alex Lubiarz on trombones, and Remmel Wilson Jr. on saxophones. (Sadly, Wilson Jr. passed away shortly after the song was recorded.)

Bouchard also wrote the musical composition and arranged and orchestrated the song for which the lyrics were written by Matt Dorman. “Granny’s Got a Tramp Stamp” was recorded at SonSongs Studios in Las Vegas, where all the musicians reside.

“This was definitely a fun one to write,” Bouchard enthuses. “And thanks to our great production team, this tune is slam jamming. It’s a little bit of everything — country, slap bass funk, rock ‘n roll, jazz. It’s a whole lot of energy…a great crossover tune.”

“,” joins in Cook.