Two limited edition issues constructed with all-solid Koa back and sides and a select solid Koa top. To set these guitars even further apart from their Mahogany and Rosewood counterparts, Yamaha has added stylish ebony tuners and abalone inlays. Like the A3 Series, the Koa A-Series is equipped with the incredible S.R.T preamp/pickup system, which includes mic modeling. Only 100 of these special instruments have been created, with 30 of each body shape being allocated to the United States.


    Featuring a slim neck profile and premium build quality, the A Series is designed to be the workhorse of the performing and recording guitarist’s arsenal, providing a memorable playing experience. The handcrafted A-Series acoustic-electric guitars have received excellent reviews in the guitar press, feature a new look, a new feel and a new sound for Yamaha guitars, launching the company into a previously untapped market segment by providing a professional instrument designed to be the workhorse of any steel-string guitarist’s arsenal.


Featuring a slim neck profile and a rounded fretboard edge, the A-Series delivers ease and comfort. Yamaha also increased its traditional string spacing and lowered the action to accommodate today’s players. In addition, the semi-open pore finish on the necks of the A-Series maintains the wood’s feel, yet also enhances playability.


Tone is always key to an acoustic electric guitar and Yamaha has overachieved with the A-Series. Dreadnought and concert shapes are offered in Mahogany back and sides and Rosewood back and sides. All models feature solid spruce tops and are outfitted with new S.R.T. (Studio Response Technology) electronics developed by Yamaha. 


The new S.R.T. preamp incorporates a piezo pickup system with a built-in microphone modeling technique specific to each guitar model. The S.R.T. system lets players choose from three different mic settings that can be blended with the piezo pickup, delivering on the often-elusive dream of providing studio-quality sound while playing live on stage. In addition, the S.R.T. system’s feedback detector cancels feedback frequencies in live situations.

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