I’m a Canadian so I am biased but Rush really should have been in there ages ago


K Bo: In 2007 Triumph was inducted into the Canadian Music Industry Hall of Fame.  Along similar lines, you have talked about greater recognition of Canadian bands.  In light of that, what was your reaction to Rush finally getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

GM: I think it’s incredible.  I’m a Canadian so I am biased but Rush really should have been in there ages ago.  In my opinion they deserve it a lot more than some of the performers who are in there now.  I never understood it.  For example, I have seen some acts, and not to pick on anyone in general, who have been inducted but they never really headlined venues.  They never sold a lot of records or tickets.  I thought you had to do that to get in.  Now, Rush has done that.  They qualify at every level.  They have sold tons of records, tons of tickets, and, they have a ton of fans.  They are a great band.  So, to me they are five stars out of five stars.


K Bo: Having said that I guess when you have been compared to Neil Peart you have taken that as a heartfelt compliment?

GM: 100%.  Neil has to be the best drummer on the planet.  He’s way better than I am that’s for sure.  I would say that if most drummers were being honest they would say that as well.  He’s on his own playing field now.  He’s taken his playing to a whole new level.  You have to give him so much credit.  If you go back and listen to Fly By Night and then you listen to the subsequent records you can hear Neil’s capabilities getting greater and greater.  Notwithstanding the lyrical talents, and strictly talking about this drumming, I can’t say enough about the guy.  I’ll add this. I followed guys like Ian Paice and John Bonham who were blues styled and that was my personal gravitation.  But Neil’s tastes are all over the map and he’s equally tremendous at all of them.  He’s a virtuoso.


K Bo: Fair to say then that your life has really come full circle from Triumph to Metalworks?

GM: It has.  I have always been quite busy with things.  With both Triumph and now my businesses I have been making changes to keep up with the times.  The economy requires that. In both arenas I had to remain competitive and what I do now, I must admit, I love.  It’s not a penalty.  It is bittersweet in terms of Triumph in that if I wasn’t doing this I could throw myself into the band for all the fans who have been so loyal to us.  You know we still get incredible outpourings from fans.  The love that some of the fans have for the band is amazing but I will tell you that it’s bi-directional.  When I look back on my life and I think who would be my group of best friends I would have to say look at the Triumph fans.  I look at what they bestowed on the three of us.  I am grateful and still to this day things keep happening because of that.  Not a day in my life goes by without me feeling a lot of gratitude. It was also amazing to meet Mike and Rik.  We could have just as easily never met.  Thankfully we did.