CD: Evident

On this new release from Engine Company Records, native New Yorker Melissa Giges (gi-gus) speaks to each listener just as if she had known them from birth.

With candid directness, she’ll puts you on the spot, forcing you to decide if you want to be the person in the song, or simply partake as a spectator in the narrative sense. If you decide on the former, you may be surprised at some of things on her mind. A classically trained pianist since age four, Melissa has a stunning voice, an amazing range and an almost visionary approach to music. Her ballads are blue and haunting, in a style you might expect from Peter Gabriel. On the pop side, she weaves the song structure with hooks and melodies that are inescapable. A most welcome adventure in listening. Check it out. – ral 

Originally posted 2009-03-11 20:36:12.