CEO Wyatt Easterling and President/Artistic Director Celeste Krenz have combined their love for American music and their years of experience with major Nashville and independent record companies to start High Horse Records (HHR), a digital download label.

Through advances in technology, music downloads, podcasts, videos, and snapshots of concerts, High Horse Records opens a new gate, a virtual meeting and market place, bringing the artist directly to you. Fans have a quick and easy way to download music, interviews, information, and news.

High Horse Records’ vision brings performers together and reaches out to their audiences through the web. Krenz saw her friends "repeating the same steps" and realized "if they all came together with a new approach it would create a powerhouse." The performers make the creative decisions regarding songs and production and HHR supports them with up-to-date promotional strategies and distribution.

Wyatt Easterling has an insider’s viewpoint of the music business as a former Chief of A&R for Atlantic Records and positions with management and publishing companies. As CEO of the newly formed High Horse Records, Wyatt is embracing a new model for labels, one that focuses on the digital downloads of established artists’ CDs.

"There is a changing of the guard; the major labels have held fast to their old ways of marketing and distribution and are now playing catch up to the digital market place. We’re smaller and leaner and can move much faster on new releases or other publicity and marketing opportunities that come our way," Easterling says.

Celeste Krenz’s vision as President-Artistic Director of High Horse Records is to bring together independent artists, reaching their audiences through web-based technologies. She has produced or co-produced 9 albums independently or through labels in the contemporary folk, Americana and country genres. Celeste was one of the first artists on the Gavin Americana Chart. Her current release is My Mother & Me (HHR#1001).