BC Audio is now offering visual styling options for its critically acclaimed Amplifier No.7, a 15 or 25 watt boutique guitar amp housed in rugged military surplus ammo cans.

BC Audio has developed a source of newly manufactured ammo cans, untouched by the military, which become the “Clean” style Amplifier No. 7.
Additionally, BC Audio has uncovered a stash of ammo cans that have a
distinctive “fresh-off-the-battlefield” look – a sandier shade of olive drab, more stenciled lettering, over-painted areas, military identification stickers and the like. These become the “Extreme” style. The traditional style offered to date is now called “Classic.”

“The Extreme ammo cans really look the business!” says BC Audio founder
and award-winning amp builder and guitarist Bruce Clement. “At the other
end of the spectrum, you can have a nearly brand new ammo can, which is
unheard of. Well, guitar amps in ammo cans are kind of unheard of, too.”

There is no additional charge for any choice of “Clean,” “Classic”
“Extreme” styles. Price: $1795, with free shipping within the continental US.

About Amplifier No. 7: These hand-made vacuum tube guitar amps are built
inside of US Army surplus .50 caliber ammunition boxes, or “ammo cans.”
Amplifier No. 7 is not a clone of any particular amp of yesteryear, but a
new and original design. Its tones are firmly rooted in classic tweed and
plexi amps, but Amplifier No. 7 possesses its own voice, one ideally suited to rock and electric blues styles.

Amplifier No. 7 is a dual-channel non-Master Volume amp, with a maximum
power output of either 15 or 25 watts, determined by the use of either 6V6
or 5881 output tubes with the appropriate 5Y3 or GZ34 rectifier tube. The
preamp incorporates octal 6SL7s, rather than the ubiquitous 12AX7. The
amp features true point-to-point wiring — not turret board or eyelet
board construction.

Originally posted 2010-04-16 19:58:33.