In my years of being on the road as a Mobile DJ Entertainer, I have tried to find ways to keep my equipment safe and long lasting. I will admit,


I have been somewhat negligent in protecting my gear, but Gator Cases has come through with a nice reliable soft case for your wireless microphone system.


The case I am talking about is the GM-1WEVAA Single Wireless System Lightweight Case. I like it because it is exactly what it says it is…lightweight, made from EVA Foam that holds a single wireless mic system in a half rack. This case also weighs only five pounds.


The case is portable and has front and rear access which also unzips for easy setup on the road. If you choose, you can actually have zipper access to allow the antenna to be in place and functional without taking the system out of the protective case.

There is also storage room for your receiver, handheld microphone, power supply, belt pack transmitter, and lapel microphones. As the old saying goes, big things do come in small packages.


So to wrap it up, if you are looking for a superior quality case to protect your wireless mic system, or better yet let me take it a step further, if all of your musical gear needs road worthy, durable and well constructed cases and needs to stand up to constant abuse, look no further than Gator Cases, located in Lutz, FL, you’ll be glad you did.

Originally posted 2011-11-08 16:04:16.