The Gator case company may be best known among musicians for their guitar gig bags, but they put a handle on all kinds of cases and gig bags for the drummer.  I recently took possession of a cymbal bag from their “Protechtor” line that not only serves as a convenient way to tote your cymbals from gig to gig, but has enough pockets to eliminate at least one or two extra pieces of gear drummers usually have to carry with them.



What’s first and most immediately noticeable about the Protechtor is the quality.  If fit and finish are keywords that ring your bell, your bell will be rung.  Just holding it in your hands…well, it feels substantial.  The bulk of the bag is made of heavy nylon and the bottom is reinforced with an even heavier grade of nylon to ensure protection where it is needed most.


Secondly, it is apparent that they have been listening to drummer’s requests in terms of design.  The heavy-duty construction is clearly engineered to hold heavy metallic objects with knife-like sharp edges, not unlike circular saw blades and cymbals.


 Inside the main pouch are sleeves, so each cymbal is separated from each other.  The sleeves are insulated with PVC, so it is actually padding rather than something to merely protect the cymbal from scratches…but, or course, it does that, too.  On the outside there’s a main zipper pocket that will accommodate most stick bags, and three smaller pockets to carry felts, smaller hardware, drum key and tic-tac breath mints.


There are two padded shoulder straps to make lugging your rig less of the big deal it is.  It doesn’t have wheels or load itself, but it does feel comfortable holding a full contingency of hi-hat, crash and ride at my recent Jersey Shore gig.


 This Protechtor bag is so well thought out, and the grade of construction is so high, that it feels like it is custom-made…but the actual price is much more in line for the hard-working-being-paid-less-than-their-worth musician with a list price for the 22” model at $145.00, which streets for about $50 less than that.

Originally posted 2012-11-20 17:37:00.