Galaxy Audio’s HDR2 handheld Digital Recorded has 128MB of flash memory onboard and an SD card port which supports up to 4GB SDHC cards. The unit records in either WAV or MP3 formats. The WAV format offers your choice of six different sample rates. A mini USB 2.0 jack makes transferring data to or from a computer as simple as drag and drop. There are two internal microphones which may be used alone or in conjunction with the two ¼” inputs. These inputs include a switch to choose MIC, GUITAR, or LINE levels as well as rotary level knobs for fine-tuning. A three position switch (HIGH, LOW, or OFF) sets the internal mic level and allows a recording mix to be created between them and the ¼” inputs. The HDR2 features a stereo line output, stereo headphone output, and an internal speaker for playback. To start recording, simply turn the unit on, select flash memory or SD card to record to, push record, and you’re recording. The HDR2 will automatically select the next available track, so you can’t accidentally erase your previous sessions. Multiple file folders are available for storing different projects. The HDR2 runs on 2AA batteries (alkaline or rechargeable), or from the supplied USB transfer cable. Accessories include two condenser microphones, 2 AA batteries, ear buds, and the USB transfer cable. Optional accessories consist of a USB power cable (to power the unit from an AC wall outlet) and a leather case with easy access controlling and a tripod mount. MSRP: $199

Originally posted 2008-12-03 19:11:44.