New Years Resolutions. How can the concept be avoided when it has been around for so long? I would not be surprised if many see the beginnings of a new year in a different light from my interpretation, because each year I feel a bit different about making resolutions. Some years it’s bah humbug. I am what I am. Other years I might tell myself I’m going to do 80 push-ups a day (except Saturdays). I imagine we all play these little games with ourselves from time to time.  

However, I can’t seem to avoid the fun of looking toward new fresh goals, as corny as the concept might be. Often my personal goals actually wind up being the same ones every year, and that’s ok with me. It’s a formula that’s been working rather well for quite some time.


As usual, the opening of this new year of 2011, reminds me that there are still new techniques and pieces of music to learn, new lands to explore, a new show to present, as I develop the live performance aspect of my craft, and new projects to undertake.



As I’ve mentioned in other articles, the project of playing and touring with other players was somewhat new to me and the adjustments were a bit of a challenge. This challenge was apparently one I was ready for as I learned new styles of music, thoroughly enjoyed folks while on tour, attempted to improve my musicianship regarding timing, and developed a different platform for performance. Continuing the options of performing either solo or with others is definitely an ongoing resolution.

I also have once again gathered up the stack of music I plan to learn. These pieces are either freshly sent to my inbox by my mentor, David Walbert, old pieces lying around that I haven’t found the time to get to, or original motifs that are running around in my head that require my attention and direction.













A goal that straddles last year and the new year is my first Slide Guitar CD-ROM and a couple of beginner’s projects in collaboration with TrueFire, one of my sponsors in support of the education of the future players.













This New Year also looks like it will bring forth my first opportunity to venture to Austria and Australia (I’m even threatening to show up in Tasmania!). With these new venues coming up, I must remind myself that the performance presentation that has worked well for me in the past, and can be somewhat foolproof in new lands, will need to be reworked for the number of repeat regions and venues in my 2011 schedule. I want to keep my sets fresh, filled with new tunes, new stories, and new tales for the New Year.

Originally posted 2011-01-08 18:47:40.