Charitable challenge issued to fans to prove experts wrong and finally make unreleased track ‘Beat Of A Broken Heart’ a hit.Oscar-winning Dirty Dancing songwriter FRANKE PREVITE is more determined than ever to “knockout” pancreatic cancer in memory of his courageous friend, Patrick Swayze. And with the iconic film’s 25th anniversary fast approaching next year, Previte has expanded his give-back mission by reaching deeper into his 40-year songbook to raise funds for fighting the dreaded disease through his music.
Last year, Previte released the original demo recordings for his Dirty Dancing smash hits “(I’ve Had) The of My Life” and “Hungry Eyes” and has continued to direct his proceeds to the Patrick Swayze Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund at Stanford. Now, Previte is tirelessly promoting the recent release of his newly remastered catalogue from his “lost ‘80s” hit rock ‘n’ soul band, FRANKE & THE KNOCKOUTS, and aiming all of his proceeds for those recordings to the Pancreas Cancer Action Network (, which Lisa Swayze represents.
“As Lisa moved to broaden her interest in pancreatic cancer fundraising, she moved onto the network, so it only made sense for me to move along with her,” says Previte. “What I particularly like about this charity is that it concentrates on the early detection of pancreatic cancer and helps to try to prevent it at its earliest stage.”
More than a decade since Franke & The Knockouts’ music has been available anywhere, Previte has partnered with Friday Music to release it for charity by celebrating the 30th anniversary of “Sweetheart,” the band’s first hit record, with the newly remastered ultimate hits collection, THE BEST OF FRANKE & THE KNOCKOUTS: SWEETHEART – ANNIVERSARY EDITION, on CD and digital download. As a special bonus for all the collectors who’ve been clamoring for the entire catalogue for a generation, the band’s three “lost” albums, Franke & the Knockouts (1981), Below the Belt (1982) and Makin’ the Point (1984) – are being made simultaneously available for the first time since their original vinyl issue, also newly remastered, in digital-only format. Incidentally, Franke & The Knockouts was that other New Jersey band that boasted Tico Torres as its drummer — right before he joined Bon Jovi en route to superstardom.

Watch Franke & the Knockouts sing “Sweetheart” on the old NBC show Fridays (with Larry David introducing them!)

THE BEST OF FRANKE & THE KNOCKOUTS features 19 hit tracks including all of the band’s classics such as their unforgettable Top 40 hits “Sweetheart,” “You’re My Girl” and “(Without You) Not Another Lonely Night.” It also features two bonus tracks, the original demo version of “Hungry Eyes,” which Previte originally wrote and recorded for Franke & the Knockouts before it wound up becoming a Dirty Dancing soundtrack smash for Eric Carmen.
Most significant to Previte is that the Anniversary Edition contains the previously unreleased power ballad “BEAT OF A BROKEN HEART,” written and recorded for Dirty Dancing II. Not only is it one of his favorite songs, but it also is one he believes has some unfinished business to prove. Previte was originally told that “Beat of a Broken Heart” would not work for the Dirty Dancing sequel.
A generation later, Previte is out to prove the naysayers wrong, and he’s issuing a challenge to the fans to help make “Beat of a Broken Heart” a hit in the name of his charity – and the memory of Patrick Swayze.
“I’d love for this to become a hit, and I’d like the fans to judge for themselves,” says Previte. “I always thought the experts were wrong with this one, so I’d like the fans to spend a buck to download the track and tell me – for a great cause. It would justify my feelings for the song and create a great beginning for my involvement in Pancreas Cancer Action Network.”
To Previte, whether it’s the music he wrote as the leader of Franke & the Knockouts or the hits he wrote for Dirty Dancing, “it’s still me.” The connection couldn’t be clearer through the song “Hungry Eyes,” which he originally wrote for what would have been the fourth Franke & the Knockouts album. And the connection he’s now drawing to pancreatic cancer is what makes him look back on his decades of recordings in a much more rewarding way.
“Cancer is so prevalent in our society, and pancreatic cancer seems to be the most severe, with the least chance of survival,” he says. “Being that it’s taken a friend of mine, it seemed this was the right place to start. Every time I see a picture of Patrick, whether it’s in a newspaper or online or on TV, it reminds me of what a tremendous loss his death meant to so many people around the world. To see somebody thats young and talented, with so much to give, have his life taken away in his prime is just too tragic. So if I’m able to help save one life, it’s all worth it.
“I just think it’s good to give back. It’s about your karma. Good things happen, I believe, when you do good things. To borrow a line I once wrote in a song, ‘Karma comes back to you.’
“I think about all the royalties I get from these songs, and donating this money is the least I can do. It’s my biggest hope that maybe the fans will embrace the music and the cause, and that maybe it will mean something. If enough people give a dollar, we can raise a million dollars. It would be a hell of a start. Just go out and buy one track, and you’re on your way.”

Originally posted 2011-07-14 20:26:22.