“When you’re tuning with headphones, you often don’t get a nice picture of what the performance really is,” he said. “So you take them off and put on speakers instead. But with these headphones, they really translate well for tuning. Also if you’re cueing or doing compression, you want it to translate really well into the speaker world, too. I find these are best at doing that.”

That’s how engineer and producer Francois Lalonde describes his experience with Sony’s new MDR-7520 professional headphones. Having worked with many artists, and extensively with Celine Dion, Lalonde is no stranger to different styles, or to Sony headphones.

He’s used the long-time industry-standard Sony MDR-7506 headphones, and still does, but finds the 7520s to offer dramatic improvements. “I’ve used the 7520s for editing on the road, and for vocal sessions with Celine,” he said. “With Celine, the monitoring is really crucial and we do a pretty extensive set-up to really get the perfect sound for her in the studio. She knows the 7506s so well but the 7520s sound even better and have more power.”


Lalonde said the new headphones deliver a great balance between the traditional way of mixing with speakers and using headphones to track. The new Sony headphones are also more sound-efficient. “You need less power to drive them,” Lalonde said. “You don’t have to listen at a loud level to hear all the frequencies and get an accurate impression of what you have.”

He added that the headphones work equally well with different vocal styles and instruments but the one constant is delivering an accurate sound. “Many artists react to what they hear,” he said. “Based on that, they’ll sing differently, so we have to make sure we have really pristine monitoring. That’s what these new headphones bring.”

Source – SONY Press release

Originally posted 2012-08-30 17:49:46.