What it is…, examples, and the challenge.

There’s no better way to start my first blog than to talk about one of the major reasons that brought us and keeps us here: Flow – a psychological state termed by acclaimed psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Call him Steve.

I promise you that the 18:56 YouTube clip you should watch first is well worth the denominator-all the time and energy you’ve spent on your instrument(s).



Second to the 401k plan, there is no greater incentive for a musician than the feeling of “getting lost in the music.” You know…forgetting or not caring what time it was after playing your bass to Jaco’s “The Chicken” in a damp basement (not realizing it was damp or hearing your friend’s subtle hints to get out of his basement). Six hours have passed… who gives a shit, you’re in ecstasy. Not eating for a day cause you were sampling the sounds of nature or nearing that killer mix in Pro-Tools. Then you wake up, hungry, and forgot to send out your resume, pay the bills, etc. As you awaken, you ponder the importance of your bills in relation to the state of ultimate peace. 

You got lost in the blissful-euphoric state of flow. This is why we play.

“Life” is suspended, in your favor, for just a little while.

And that little while is what we are after. Don’t bullshit, It’s ok.

The problem is, you don’t know how to get back into that state (coming in part 2).

But before I write part two, I welcome anyone to rebut with a more persuasive argument of why we play and/or an objection to mine. 

Please send it to EdanM@l2pnet.com.

“Because I love it,” “I can’t describe it,” “it pays the bills (?),” (and the heartbreaker 😉 “to be rich AND famous,” are simply not valid!

“Music makes me happy” is getting closer, but can use a set of glasses and polishing.  Excuses for not knowing something, hopefully, will dwindle in the information age, therefore defining why we play should be described with more specific precision.

I am looking forward to hearing yours,

It’s important.

– Edan

Originally posted 2012-03-04 03:11:01.