Fishman Leads the Pack with 3D Printing Integration

When it comes to making the products that we musicians use, people probably have no idea what companies go through to deliver them. Fishman – one of the best companies out there in acoustic audio amplification is leading the pack in manufacturing by using 3D printing to produce prototypes of their products faster in-house. What’s 3D printing? In a nutshell a machine manufacturs a physical 3D prototype using CAD of whatever the company needs to make – for Fishman, that includes belt clips, amp housings, onboard effects housings, and pickup casing and interiors. How cool is that? 

Check out the full video on how Fishman products are getting to you faster with the use of this incredible technology.

Dying to see one in action? Check it out as the printer creates a 3D toy soldier army:

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Originally posted 2012-05-05 00:28:50.