One of our ardent fans and followers, Bob in Ohio, linked us up to this video of young musician named Josh Turner (no, not that Josh Turner) who has great chops, a terrific ear for arrangement, and (most importantly) a lock on how to use technology to take his musical craft to the masses.


In this video, we see him building a cover version of Ozzy’s “Crazy Train” using common, ordinary, everyday instruments, and then adding the vocals right, in his home studio somewhere in Las Vegas. The final product may not be radio-ready, but it’s a good example of the what of kids can accomplish when they set down their cell phones and pick up a guitar, uke, or banjo—and he’s obviously having a blast doing it.


Josh recorded the audio on a Zoom H2 and edited in Sony ACID 8; for the video, he used a Sony Bloggie touch and edited in Sony Vegas 10. Instruments used are A Martin DR, a Gibson RB, A Kentucky KM-140 and a Kala U-Bass. Guitar, mandolin and bass are tuned down a half step, banjo is in double c tuning with a capo on 1.


As of this posting, this video had received over 5,600 views. Not a bad start, but will he ever reach the over 700,000,000 views racked up by the Web’s most successful internet musical sensation (he is referred to on WikiPedia as a singer) of all time, Gary Broisma?




A Live2Play “Blast From The Past” – Who would have thunk that this 2004 video would land TV appearances, a starring role in a Geico commercial, spots on most major TV morning shows and open countless other doors for Gary Broisma?


Originally posted 2012-09-17 13:26:55.