Ok, yes, I admit it… the name is what got my attention—immediately followed by the fact that one of the players was holding a French Horn.

Then again, isn’t a big part of the challenge of being a successful indie artist coming up with clever and catchy things that get the attention of booking agents and the music press? I mean, what kind of career would the Beatles have had if they had instead called themselves “The 4 Guys from Liverpool.” Anyway, the truth is, Matt Montelione (vocals and guitar) and Alex Wilhelm (French Horn) really are rabbits and they do wear raincoats (or at least that’s how they see themselves)—hanging out in the forest, merrily making music for our woodland friends.

Inspired by such greats as the aforementioned, “4 Guys,” Dylan, The Doors, and Neutral Milk Hotel (now available in chocolate) this duo from long Island has their own ideas and their won way of doing things. And we like it! For WL2P we selected a luscious little tidbit entitled “Groundhogs,” which features a fabulous French horn hook (the first ever recorded, I think) and a most interesting vocal. Here’s a sample of what you’ll hear on the new EP, You can also hear them on WL2P and you may want to check out their facebook and MySpace pages.


Originally posted 2010-03-16 20:42:14.