Sometime ago we reviewed Eryn’s debut album Window Pane and were taken aback by her vocal dynamics and delivery. On this new CD…


Eryn again delivers a very cohesive and polished product. Polished in terms of professionalism, but still with enough of that edgy roughness that caught our attention the first time around. While she is able to perform of a variety of genres well, we definitely favor the R&B tracks. “Satellite” is our choice for the WL2P playlist, with it’s powerful Funk Brothers / Tower Of Power sound in the backing. Looking for something more on the mellow side? Check out “300 Miles,” a sweet alt-country piece that showcases Eryn’s fine pipes and control. No matter what style she sings, it’s unmistakably hers and a real joy to listen to.

Eryn Shewell plays an acoustic guitar handcrafted by Jon Kammerer – Her hollow body electric is a beautiful maple Guild Manhattan arch top. Her solid body electric is a Peavey: Jerry Donahue Signature Series and she uses a a Fender blues deluxe amp.

Bandmate Pat Ruh uses mostly a Fender telecaster and Fender Stratocaster, Fender hotrod deluxe amp, and Ibanez tube screamer pedals.

A little inside info – The three blues songs on the album: “Already Wrote The
Song,” “Whiskey Devil,” and “Work So Hard” were all created because Eryn was in a blues competition. She was told she had made it to the finals on the strength of her voice and the band, but in the finals she needed to perform original blues songs. Although she loves singing blues, she had never written a blues song. So in two weeks time she and Pat Ruh wrote these three songs, worked them through with the band and performed them at the finals. She didn’t win but the judges were incredibly impressed. “Whiskey Devil” was actually inspired by a band member who had a little too much to drink during the semi-finals of this competition. He misbehaved quite a bit so she used that as the inspiration.

Eryn likes to write with different people but her favorite co-writer is guitarist Pat Ruh. They are true musical partners—one minute they will be fighting like cats and dogs and in the next they make beautiful music. “Work so Hard” started as a screaming match and then moments later the inspiration came.

Photo: Pat Ruh, Arne Wendt and Eryn – Pat plays all the lead guitar on the album except the pedal steel and Arne plays all the keys – both very talented musicians.

Here’s Eryn and the band performing "Satellite"

Originally posted 2010-03-30 19:31:41.