I just heard a brief report on a major syndicated news station regarding the FCC’s proposal to sell off wireless spectrum, a decision that would infringe on pro audio wireless use.


This is especially an issue in Las Vegas and Broadway because there is such a high concentration of activity of wireless activity in such a small area.


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As many of you know this discussion is already ancient history.


The FCC has already ruled that the pro audio industry vacate the “700 MHz” wireless band (specifically 698 MHz to 806 MHz), because this particular broadcast band comprises “prime” broadcast spectrum for wireless broadband devices.


In other words, it’s valuable to anyone who wants to send content to your iPhone or Blackberry. The FCC “sold” this space to wireless providers such as Verizon and Motorola so that they could deliver important content to their users (important as in “OMG Joey broke up with Jessica it’s all over her Facebook page”).


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I believe that they raised $21 billion. Pro audio cannot compete with this [I can’t wait until the FCC renegs on the deal in ten years and takes their airwaves back…]



When these proposals were under discussion, no one gave a rat’s ass about the audio industry, how this ruling could cripple our ability to provide high-quality audio production, and how much of our existing wireless gear would become obsolete. Have you noticed that major manufacturers may no longer legally repair wireless systems that operate in the 700 MHz band?


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The Broadway Coalition gave a demonstration to the FCC showing how broadband “white space” devices completely wipe out transmission of wireless mics, as did the NFL.


The FCC didn’t seem to care much. They were more concerned with the money that would be raised by selling this broadcast bandwidth. 


You know when they’re going to care? I’ll give you a few events that will make a difference in the FCC’s attitude:


1. someone gets hurt at a production because the stage crew was unable to communicate effectively using their comm’ sets


2. some blowhard politician’s wireless craps out while they are delivering their oh-so-important speech about nothing. “How could this happen???!!!”


3. broadband delivery interferes with a house-of-worship service. That’s going to be stellar (not) and it’ll go to the Supreme Court if the FCC failed to protect First Amendment Rights. This is where I lay my bet that the FCC will have poop on their face.



Where the hell were the mainstream news assholes when the FCC ignored the Broadway Coalition’s demo showing that “white space” devices wipe out wireless mic transmission? Where was the 10 o’clock news when the NFL held their demo at FedEx Field showing the same thing? Now all of a sudden the sky is falling.


A “news” item that is a day late and $21 billion short. It makes me sick.