Whether she sings emotional rock ballads, catchy guitar pop or honest rock and roll aggression, Germany’s ELLI proves that she is a talented musician and songwriter, born for being on stage and performing live.

Elli’s latest album, Moving On, is a bright look into the future. The single "Get Up" signaled a new beginning and her commitment to her Rockin`Roots. The new album demonstrates clearly ELLI’s talent as a musician and songwriter, independent from the usual commercial machine and common mainstream she rocks her own way. — And here is something brand new. Elli recently stepped out of her record company contract and will rock the word without them. In October/November she will record her new album in Florence, AL, and this album will be the first 100% Elli record. We caught up with Elli digitally to find out more:

L2P: Why did you walk away from your record label?

Oh this is a long story. I won German popidol in 2004 (Germany’s equivalent to American Idol) and since then I had record deals with big record labels and it was always the same. They wanna tell you, what you have to look like and which kind of music you should play. Through the years we found a way to be a little bit happy. Me and the record label. But that’s not enough to be just a little bit happy. Especially when you’re doing music. The next thing was, that I was going a strong tempo for me, to be more successful after Popidol, but not the label. After my last trip to the states this year, to write there with some good friends, I came home and I was really really happy with all the things which happened there. So I wrote my label and emailed with all the songs in it, with stories about my gigs in Atlanta and so on….And there was nothing, no response….Yeah, and that was the moment where I decided to be by myself. And it feels really good. I swear. It is the first time, that I can decide things just by myself…it is an amazing feeling. And I read a book called Kill your friends from John Niven. You have to read it..

What problems did you encounter trying to get out of your contract?

That was the good thing about the story. I had really no problems to get out of the contract, because the head of the label is a good friend of mine since nearly 5 years. He was one of the judges in German Popidol…And we are still friends. That`s a good question. 

How often do you tour? Where (US, Europe, both?)

I tour a lot, because music is my job. Most of the time in Europe. Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland and so on. But this year I had my first gigs in the States. Two in Atlanta and one in Nashville and it was awesome. Because nobody knows me there. In Germany I have a problem with that Popidol thing. People watch it, but after it your not really interesting anymore. But it is getting better. I had to fight the last few years and now the people look at me again…You know what I mean? And next year I wanna go to America again to play some more gigs…I hope you all are gonna be there.

How many CDs have you done?

In my life? About 7. After Popidol two albums. And now the third is coming. I`m going to Florence in October/November to produce the new one. The first one without a label. Not without, with my own label…YEEEEHAAAAAA

ELLI is charismatic performer and watch out `cos this girl won`t leave the stage until she`s got everybody swept from their seats. The Moving On was recorded in Nashville, by the internationally acclaimed producer team of Gary Baker and Anthony Little. ELLI has drawn from 11 years of live experience and that new unmistakable Nashville feeling. Moving On is handcrafted rock with a good portion of female seduction. This album is addictive and after one listen you’re sure to be hooked.

You can watch videos and more pictures on www.elli-e.com

Originally posted 2009-01-15 03:23:03.