ErgoSonic™ Percussion today announced that its flagship product, an inventive L-shaped marching bass drum with a horizontal playing surface which is carried like a snare drum, made its television debut in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The drums are used by performers from Green Valley High School in Henderson, Nevada, one of the first schools in the country to embrace the innovative new drum design and sign on with ErgoSonic™ for their entire bass drum line.

The ErgoSonic™ Marching Bass Drum has a unique size and shape that transforms the performer’s experience by addressing the many challenges associated with traditional equipment. With traditional marching bass drums, players have little flexibility and control when it comes to utilizing various percussive strokes, hand dampening and muting techniques. Additionally, marching is difficult because the unwieldy size and shape of the traditional marching base drum obscures the player’s line of sight.

“While teaching, I saw how hard it was for players to march with traditional bass drums and their frustration with the limited, sometimes ‘boring’ playing options – I knew there had to be a better design,” said Kenneth Turner, President & CEO of ErgoSonic™ Percussion. “We’re very excited for our friends at Green Valley High School to be performing in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and we’re pleased to show how well our products perform on such a national stage.”

Due to its novel design featuring one horizontal playing surface, percussionists using the ErgoSonic™ Marching Bass Drum are able to employ all the traditional percussive strokes, hand dampening and muting techniques used on other matched grip percussion instruments (such as snare and tenor drums) – with a vertical stroke. Furthermore, the use of a resonant head allows each drum to be tuned to a variety of relative pitches, producing a wide range of tuning combinations, which means a smaller drum can be used to produce the same relative pitch as a larger instrument – useful for accommodating performers who are small in stature. This resonant head also makes it easy to control the quality of sounds, degree of attack, length of decay and resonance of the drum. ErgoSonic™ Marching Bass Drums can be used with, or without a resonant head or a ported resonant head.

The ErgoSonic™ Marching Bass Drum integrates with existing carriers for snares and tenor drums, so performers are able to face forward with the same orientation as the rest of the battery, virtually eliminating the blind back up move for the bass drum section. The compact design provides a clear line of sight for the player, making marching easier and more comfortable. With the introduction of a horizontal playing surface, access to rim mounted accessory instruments such as woodblocks and cowbells is also made easier.

Beyond the music and marching benefits, ErgoSonic™’s Marching Bass Drum provides another advantage for band directors throughout the country.

“Getting players – particularly kids – excited about playing the bass drum can be hard since until now it has lacked the feel of a ‘real drum,’” said Turner, “but with ErgoSonic™’s design, specifically the introduction of a horizontal playing surface, we’re finding players are excited to take the field, which makes filling out the drum line easier.”

Originally posted 2010-11-29 04:03:44.