Each of the three self-powered, full-range EON500 speakers from JBL has an on-board mini-mixer with loop-thru or mix-out capability, for greater control of the loudspeaker’s output. Other features of the series include: multiple suspension points; soft-grip handles and a full screened backed grille for extra component protection. The EON515 and EON510 are 2-way systems with mic and line level inputs, and a selectable system EQ which provides a “loudness” type control with the ability to roll off the low frequency to maximize performance with a subwoofer, or when used as a floor monitor. I/O’s are via XLR/ quarter-inch combo connectors. Additional ¼” inputs provide input flexibility and the ability to mix multiple sources. Each loudspeaker has one selectable XLR output so that the whole mix may be looped to another speaker (or sent to a mixing console) or simply used for traditional “daisy-chaining.” The EON515 is a 15-inch 2-way loudspeaker system boasting a total of 450/900 watts (continuous/burst) power. MSRP: $999.


Originally posted 2008-11-19 13:43:37.