Following the launch of the Electra Omega guitar in May Electra Guitars has announced that the Omega will soon be available in new colors including Flame Maple, Ceruse, Black with Gold and White with Gold. Left-handed versions of the black and white Omega’s are also now available.

Also new is the Phoenix Series. Two guitars – Phoenix H and S – are based on the original Electra Phoenix X110 guitar. The Phoenix H has been updated to meet the needs of today’s rock guitarists and features an Original Floyd Rose tremolo and a newly designed MagnaFlux Plus – an extra high output passive humbucking pickup. The Phoenix S has a similar design as the H, but includes a classic, non-locking tremolo and utilizes three specially designed single coil pickups fed into a switching system that allows any and all combinations.

Gene Ymiolek, CEO of Electra Guitars said, “The reaction from artists and the general marketplace to our guitars has been phenomenal. In addition to the new models, we’re very pleased to have partnered with industry leaders for the hardware like TonePros® Kluson® and Graph Tech® on the Omega, as well as EMG on the upcoming Phoenix Basses.”

Two versions – four and five string – of the Phoenix bass guitars will be available. These basses retain much of the forward thinking design ideas of the original Phoenix Bass while updating the electronics to meet the needs of the modern bass player.