Steve Aoki & his DIM MAK label are on a major roll!Ranked as one of the Top 5 earning DJs/EDM Artists in the World, Steve Aoki & his DIM MAK label are on a major roll!  Now teaming up with NITTO TIRES, it’s blurring the lines between MUSIC & EXTREME SPORTS – fast & hard electronic music!


Steve likes to drive fast, like his music. “It’s the ultimate adrenaline rush”, states Aoki in the Drifting Racing pit at Long Beach Arena the day of his big L.A. birthday show, “being out-of-control drifting in a race car & rocking a festival crowd with my music!”


Just then Steve climbed into a pro drifting race car & exploded onto the track, with tires screeching & the smell of burning rubber everywhere!


NITTO Tires has endorsed International star Aoki & helped sell out his latest tour, packing arena & large halls coast-to-coast.


“I live hard, make hard music”, Steve continues, “ & driving hard & fast, goes right along the same hyper rush that making the perfect jam that moves a crowd does!”


With more & more music driven extreme sports videos (skateboarding, hang gliding, snowboarding, motocross freestyling & more) through the GO PRO type helmet cameras, DRIFTING RACERS & HIGH ENERGY EDM MUSIC IS A GREAT MATCH!


Yours truly had the opportunity to climb in a racer & put my life in the hands of a Japanese race car driver, who proceeded to pin my body against the seat & give me a THRILL of a lifetime – speeding towards a wall, only to completely swerve sideways, barely missing walls, poles & buildings! Just like intense music in the pit, drop that beat Steve!


By Jay Warsinske, INDIEPOWER TV

Originally posted 2013-01-29 17:39:09.