It was back in 1997 that DYNACORD first presented a powered mixer with an exceptional pedigree: the PowerMate. It turned out to be the beginning of a success story of unique dimensions in the pro audio sector.

With 100,000 units sold, the PowerMate is not only the world’s most successful powered mixer but also a device that, with its uncompromising quality aspirations and sedulous attention to detail, represents the absolute reference in its field.

With the PowerMate3, DYNACORD is aiming to write a new chapter in this success story, and the omens look more than favourable, as the German pro audio specialists have adopted an eminently sensible, indeed a failsafe, strategy for success: more power, more features, more AUX sends, and considerably less weight!

“We have integrated only the very finest components into the design,” says DYNACORD’s Senior Product Manager Martin Traut. “Without exception, we have chosen uncompromising solutions: from the extremely low-noise microphone preamplifiers in the mixing section to the six AUX sends and state-of-the-art Class D high performance power amplifiers, every link of the signal chain complies with the highest concert sound requirements. By integrating the 4IN / 4OUT-USB port, we have fulfilled an oft-expressed wish of our customers; and to encourage users to take full advantage of the benefits of this interface, we are including a free Cubase LE5 licence with each PowerMate3.”

It was hardly the case here, of course, that DYNACORD’s development team had been asked to reinvent the wheel; all that was needed was to take a design in which every detail had been meticulously thought through, that had proved itself comprehensively in practice over many years, that had even been refined and optimized, and then elaborating, enhancing and adding new features. The result is impressive: even more compact and around 30 per cent lighter, the PowerMate3 takes powered mixing to a whole new level, raising the bar for would-be competitors in the global pro audio industry to a daunting height.


Three models to choose from: PowerMate3 x 3
Fixed Installation – or live performance? Orchestra or band? … The PowerMate3 covers a wide range of applications, and to broaden it still further, DYNACORD has designed three models, differing primarily in terms of the number of input channels they offer:

* PowerMate3 1000 (10 channel strips)
* PowerMate3 1600 (16 channel strips)
* PowerMate3 2200 (22 channel strips)

PowerMate3 – the sections in detail

1. The Mixer
The PowerMate3 is equipped with a professional mixing desk optimized for live performance, with a choice of 10, 16 or 22 channel strips. The Vocal Voicing Filters, six AUX busses, high-quality, extremely low-noise microphone preamplifiers, low cut filters and 11-band graphic equalizers (to name but a few features) guarantee uncompromised concert sound performance. The new USB 2.0 audio interface brings semi-professional studio quality to tasks such as live and studio recording, playback and interval music.

2. The Power Amplifier
Also satisfying the highest demands, the PowerMate3’s high performance Class D power amplifier outputs 2 x 1,000 watts RMS (into 4 ohms), yet despite its enormous power, the device is highly efficient: heat dissipation and energy consumption have been reduced considerably. An innovative power management system makes it possible to adjust the output to suit different cabinets (including those with a somewhat lower power-handling capacity) whilst retaining the full dynamic range of the power amplifier. Furthermore, the integration here of all the protective circuitry for which DYNACORD power amplifiers are rightly renowned guarantees the highest level of operating safety and reliability.

3. The Effects and Processing Menus
The PowerMate3 is equipped with an extensive effects section that meets the requirements of contemporary live performance and studio recording. It comprises two independent, and separately editable, effects processors, 2 x 100 factory presets optimized for live performance, 20 user presets, remote control (via MIDI), tap delay, USB configuration and a large, contrast-rich, OLED display.

Nor do the innovations stop there. The PowerMate3’s new protective lid with its integrated handle doesn’t just look good but ensures that the device can be carried to and from gigs in comfort and safety.

Originally posted 2010-09-14 13:00:24.