Calvary Chapel NJ is a portable church with a congregation of about 200.

Sharing a space requires the team to set up the entire sound system prior to services each Sunday. With a volunteer staff, this church in Passaic required simplicity without sacrificing sound quality. Their choice was a Line 6 Dream Stage system, consisting of two StageSource® L3t loudspeakers and the StageScape® M20d digital mixer.


The music presentation at Calvary Chapel North Jersey is a full contemporary Christian band, with a worship leader and three backing vocalists. Instruments include Roland V-Drums, multiple guitars, bass, keyboards, saxophone and percussion. All are easily accommodated by the StageScape M20d mixer’s 20 inputs.


The ease of setup is critical to successful Sundays at Calvary Chapel. “Our service starts at 9:00 a.m. We get there about an hour ahead and set everything up from scratch, then do a sound check,” says worship director, Russell Mack. “The Dream Stage has made us much more efficient. We love Quick Capture, which is a 20-second loop of internal memory, which lets the engineer fine-tune the mix without the band playing live. The whole system was obviously designed to save time.”


The two StageSource L3t speakers have proven themselves similarly easy to work with. “The sound quality is great—big, rich and full. Our sanctuary has high, cathedral-type ceilings, so we get plenty of bass, even without subwoofers. The mains do the job all by themselves, and we love having automatic feedback control. It’s incredible, really. We just connect the speakers directly to the mixer with L6 LINK and we’re good to go.”

“The things we can do now, like multi-track recording on an SD card, are just incredible, especially compared to our old analog system,” says Tim Gentle, the church’s pastor. “One of my favorite things is the iPad functionality. We had been mixing from the front, then walking back to hear the room sound. But now we’ve got our engineer sitting discreetly out in the congregation during the service, accessing the same interface with an iPad 3 connected to the mixer through a Linksys thumb modem. It works beautifully. Very cool.”