This is the Story Behind the creation of The World’s Largest Cowbell Band. 

(Story by Courtney Tudor, From

Madeira, Ohio is the personification of small town America. (Suburb located in Cincinnati) Every year Madeira has a Fourth of July celebration that kicks off with a parade in the evening, and concludes with food, festivities, and fireworks at Madeira Sellman Park. Practically the entire town of Madeira attends the celebration (3000 plus).

The Tudor family, longtime residents of Madeira, has a tradition of participating in the annual parade with humorous entries. Examples of past entries include:

1. Ms. Senior America (Grandma Tudor)
2. Madeira Mensa Society (A collection of Madeira Football Players)
3. Madeira Procrastination Club – To join call 1-800-WHENEVER
4. People for the Ethical Treatment of Cicadas – Next Mtg in 16 yrs 9 mos.

… and of course the all time favorite, the “Madeira Cowbell Band”.


When reminiscing about the Cowbell Band, a repeat performance was discussed except going bigger & better. This of course snowballed into the idea of breaking the Guinness World Record. Yeah, we’re getting the band back together, and we’re inviting a thousand of our closest friends!

Your humble host is the Chief Creative Cowbeller (CCC) of the Tudor Family. A leading force behind the numerous shennanigans. This event will be difficult to top.  Also see


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