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It would be a wonderful thing if the road to success was as easy to travel as the I-10 across the United States.


It would be great if it was as easy to travel as a dirt road on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona wearing ice-skates after a monsoon.


It would be great if it were as easy as finding the golden idol of fertility in the Peruvian jungle a’ la Indiana Jones.


It would be great if you could walk into Sun Studio and have Sam Philips discover you, or if the mythical record label exec actually showed up at one of those pay-to-play showcases the booker tells you they frequent.


No path taken by anybody works the second time for another traveler the same way it did for the first.  With the foraging your way through the jungle analogy: the grass springs back up; the branches snap back into place; and, typically, there’s some sort of earthquake/landslide that truly inhibits the path you were going to follow.


What do you do?


You climb the rocks, move the trees, swing from ropes…almost anything it takes.


What don’t you do?


You don’t knock down those in front of you, you don’t cheat and you don’t disrespect your elders.


However, shortcuts are allowed.