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You know that feeling you got on Christmas morning between the time you woke up and the time Aunt Wanda arrived so you could open your gifts: that feeling of anticipation?  How the minutes feel like painful hours?  That’s nothing compared to the speed—or lack thereof—the music industry operates on.


Presidents are grateful that the time between economic recession and recovery isn’t as long as the time it takes to make a career in music happen.


Push the arms on the clock as much as you want, and if it actually makes things happen quicker…by all means, FedEx that clock to me.


Patience 2a 112713


You can get your band happening.  You get the right players.  You put your time into developing your set list.  You rehearse.  You dip your toes into the water playing shows around town.


You hold your breath, and you book an out of town tour.  You count down the days and rehearsals till your tour comes to fruition. You do the tour.  It takes.  You’re in the midst of booking your next tour.


Then, your drummer tells you his wife is pregnant.


Will he tour again or won’t he?  While you’re trying to get that figured out, the bass player quits.  So you start the search for replacements, and wait for the responses to start coming in.


And that’s just one example.


Clubs and agents generally don’t call back.  Sure, you write and call.  You leave messages.  You wait for their reply…as general politeness and business etiquette says you should.


There’s a lot of waiting.


There is no magic wand here.  Some things you can’t push or rush.  Some you can.


But for the ones you can’t: patience.