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Perhaps in a perfect world this wouldn’t even be a consideration.


But two things:


1. This isn’t a perfect world.


2. Television and music videos have made this all but impossible.


Plus, people listen with their eyes.


If you ever tried to load a real PA into a 100 seat bar, you know what I’m talking about.  The bartender will tell you you’re too loud before you even get plugged in.


Take a look at any label’s roster and you’ll see some very fit, very young and very fashionable people.




Because it is easier to market fit, young and fashionable.


Isn’t it wonderful when you have the gift of talent, along with the gift of being (what the public deems) attractive? We can debate more about this later. 


The first example that comes to mind of someone with these multiple traits is Taylor Swift. Would her talent be so readily accepted if she was considered overweight and unappealing by today’s standards?


So, that’s a consideration.


looks 6 112713


Another part is looking the part.


If you play metal, it behooves you to look the part.


If you play country, it behooves you to look the part.


If you’re a jazz cat, it behooves you to look the part.


Are you noticing a theme?


Brian Setzer of Stray Cats fame now fronts a fairly kicking big band outfit.  In the early days of the Brian Setzer Orchestra, the band played a sort of soft-opening rehearsal.


Not every aspect of this band had been fully considered at this early stage.  One was the overall look of the band. 


The 15 or so members of the various horn sections were told to wear whatever they wanted.  Some came in show black.  Some came in Bermuda shorts and Hawaiian shirts.  Some wore jeans and T-shirts.


For a recoding session, this would be Kool and the Gang. For a live performance? Not so much.


However, once this issue was noted and properly addressed, the band was outfitted in vintage-inspired-with-modern-appointments uniforms befitting a big band that wowed the audience before the first note was played.


looks 1 112713


looks 2 112713


That would be the “you guys are great” to the “you guys are too loud” PA analogy above.


The point with the whole “looks” thing is this:  If you are young, fit and fashionable—great.  If you have any of those traits or are close, work to max those out.  But, regardless, make your visual “Q” fit the music, and address your looks and the look of the band with the discerning eye of the public, the record executive or other potential investor.