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How you carry yourself is just as important as how you look. 


Actually, more so, because fate, being the fickle mistress that she is, will have someone of importance recognize you when you’re in the supermarket on Sunday morning after a very late night buying eggs, condoms and aspirin while wearing sweatpants, ribbed tank top and cowboy boots.  Not that that has ever happened to me.


You are larger than life. 




Because you’re on stage: you have the gift, the talent and it has been recognized.  They have come to see you, they believe that much. 


So, you carry yourself in a different way:  Confident, elusive, swagger, moody.


Or maybe a different way: charming, personable, Tom Hanks.


You create your persona, which is something that sets you apart from others.


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However, you may want to carry yourself different ways at different times.  Owning the stage would be one, Rock Star back stage is another. Supermarket is yet another.


The line is thinner when dealing with people from labels or someone looking to otherwise invest in you or your project.  You need to sell them the dream without being difficult to deal with (but you also don’t want to fold and end up compromising yourself or your art).


Also, when sound checking, the “Rock Star” attitude may not serve you so well.  The guy or gal that is setting up your stage and dialing in your sound has most likely done so for artists with much more stature than you.  They will not be impressed, and more likely will be annoyed, with that kind of attitude.  They are colleagues and you both have the common goal making thing sound the best they can.


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Charisma is somewhat like leadership in a non-leadership role.  If you have it or can somehow develop it, you’ll soon find devoted followers.  That is not only one trait label heads and people with power and influence will be looking for in you, it is one that you want them to be unaware they are under.