Yamaha has introduced the new  digital consoles that represent quite a rethink in how we mix a live performance. The TF series (which stands for TouchFlow Operation™) comprises three compact, performance-packed digital mixing consoles, the TF5, TF3 and TF1, which feature 33, 25, or 17 motor faders, respectively, along with 32, 24, or 16 rear-panel analog inputs. Each console includes recallable Yamaha D-PRE™ preamplifiers which facilitate support for live music and events where full setup changes need to be made on the fly. There are a total of 48 inputs on the TF5 and TF3, with 40 on the TF1, including dual stereo analog/USB digital inputs and dual returns. Advanced live recording features include up to 34 x 34 channel recording and playback via USB 2.0 and 2 x 2 with a USB storage device.

TouchFlow Operation combines elements of Yamaha’s well-regarded user interfaces with an advanced touch panel system, allowing sound engineers to respond to the music and artists on stage with unprecedented speed and freedom. Aimed at new users and experienced pros looking to get working faster than ever, the TF series brings time saving performance capabilities, such as fast, accurate gain setup, single step compression and EQ, and microphone specific presets to even the most modest sound reinforcement applications.

Also contributing to faster, smoother setup, 1-knob COMP™ and 1-knob EQ™ features make it easy to dial in the ideal sound via a single rotary control on inputs for adjusting individual sources and on outputs for overall sound control. The innovative GainFinder™ feature facilitates optimum gain setup for individual input signals, making ideal overall signal quality easily achievable.

The TF mixers also provide a range of input and output channel presets created in cooperation and consultation with leading microphone manufacturers such as Shure, Sennheiser and Audio-Technica, as well as accomplished engineers. The input channel presets are made to match a span of musical instruments and voices, covering parameters such as head amp gain, EQ, dynamics and much more, right down to details like channel name and color.

Output channel presets include parameters optimized for in-ear monitors and Yamaha powered speakers, with variations to match different environments and room sizes. This is certain to be appreciated by novice users, while experienced engineers will appreciate the enhanced speed and efficiency of operation.  The TF5 (MSRP: $4,200), TF3 (MSRP: $3,500) and TF1 (MSRP: $2,950) are scheduled to begin shipping in May 2015. The Tio1608-D and NY64-D (MSRP: TBD) are scheduled to ship in Spring 2016.