The record industry has been shrinking by 15% per year. While many in the industry want out, David Grow wants in.



David Grow is, quite possibly, one of the most successful musicians you’ve never heard of. Grammy-nominated, he has written/produced a multitude of hit singles, including the Jim Brickman smash, “After All These Years,” a song he also wrote. His debut release on Back 9/Goldcircle, “Well” achieved two toptwenty singles and remained on the charts for 33 weeks.

In 1999, Grow founded Howling Music, a provider of original music for television commercials, and has scored spots for Nike, Toyota, BMW, Mitsubishi, Burger King and Ambien among many others. The company has since expanded to include offices in Los Angeles, Nashville and Dublin, Ireland.

In 2005, Grow founded Grow Music, Inc., an artist production and development company based in Nashville. Drawing upon his experience as an artist himself, the new company is designed to help independent artists successfully market themselves.

“While commercial music is lucrative and enjoyable,” Grow states, “My passion is helping artists develop their careers. And in some ways, there has never been a better time to be an independent artist.”

“Gone are the days where large labels solely shape pop culture,” Grow states.

“Consequently, more and more artists are finding an audience through previously inconceivable marketing avenues. We’re getting back to what the giant corporate music machine took us away from for decades, which was originality and authenticity.

“Our company equips artists with the resources and know-how to advance their careers,” he continues, “from getting their music well-produced, to putting together a marketing strategy, followed by management consulting. We encourage artists to understand the viability of being their own record label. The internet along with other emerging technologies makes that increasingly feasible.”


Grow Music currently represents several up-and-coming artists, all of whom are touring, engaging in lucrative licensing agreements, receiving national radio airplay and are garnering significant media recognition.

As a point of reference, David cites his artist Josh Thompson (www.joshthompsonmusic. com), a 17-year old singer/songwriter/guitarist who is soon to be reintroduced to radio for a second thrust in his artist development business plan. Josh’s first release to radio resulted in his single ‘All I Can Give,’ being played on 60 radio stations nationwide. The radio play resulted in opening act spots for Teddy Geiger, Brian Littrel and Clay Aiken, as well as demand for more solo performances and ultimately, more marketing opportunities. Thompson’s most recent single, a remake of the Jonathan Edwards 1971 classic “Sunshine,” features a cameo vocal from Edwards himself and is already spawning impressive airplay only three weeks since its release.

Lisa Dames (, another Grow artist, reached 56 on Country’s Music Row Chart, and was recognized as CMT Radio’s Artist to Watch in 2007.’ A driven self-promoter, Dames has an unstoppable work ethic. She recently completed an 8-week radio tour, covering 18 states. Her second single, ‘No One Like Me,’ was released in March and at the time this was written it was number 64 on Country’s Music Row chart.

“When Lisa came to us, she had nothing written or produced but she did have a huge amount of talent and determination. One year later, she’s opening for national headlining artists and building a respectable fan base. Lisa represents the kind of artist development we aspire to,” says Grow.

Another Grow protégé, Kelly Harper is creating a buzz in music industry circles as Hollywood music supervisor Debra Baum chose her song “New Best Friend” from a catalog of more than 1,000 songs for placement in the feature film Thanks to Gravity.

Kelly’s song “Boyfriend” will also be in the upcoming episode of “The Bad Girls Club” on the Oxygen Network, and a number of her other songs are currently licensed to MTV’s “Road Rules” and “Real World.” Her debut CD is scheduled for a July release.

These successes, once unimagined without the support of a major label have been the hallmark of Grow’s business plan.

“There has never been a more hospitable climate for independent artists than now,” says Grow. “And we’re excited to help those artists realize their dreams.”


Originally posted 2009-02-08 20:55:24.