Many people came to mind as candidates for my final chapter about the true sources of inspiration; those folks we all have the freedom to call upon when we are suffering from that flat feeling – when inspiration seems to have leaked out one of our ears during a good nights sleep.


I hesitated with this final choice since I didn’t want to give an impression I was attempting to pacify or remain in the good graces of my publisher. But that is what I have chosen to do because he not only fills the bill as a good resource of encouragement for me; he shines as a beacon for others.










Robert Lindguist, publisher of Singer and Musician Magazine, now called L2P Quarterly, and chief cook and bottle washer of and has consistently demonstrated to be a truly committed individual with an almost spiritual quest to reach the players of today.

Having the opportunity to share many meals with Robert over the last 5 years, engage in multiple phone conversations, and rendezvous at trade shows around country, we have swapped a number of philosophies about the players of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

No matter how complicated the music industry, Robert somehow has managed to remain steadfast, calm and kind in spite of this ever-changing world of full of new technology that affects the music we make. He remains one of the most genuine voices and forces I have had the pleasure to be acquainted with. And he even printed my story about the birth of a donut!

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