Throughout my touring travels, many stories pop up about the resilient nature of the human race; folks facing some sort of tragedy or crisis, only to rise up over adversity. The ability and willingness to take a different path, navigating around the one that may have moved out of reach, are human characteristics I like to see.

I am drawn to those who have “stepped up to the plate” with the dedication and commitment needed to reach a goal. One such inspiration is the impressive plight of Louise Barfield, proprietor of the Little Carnegie Theatre in Macon, Georgia. Following graduation from the Julliard School of Music, Ms. Barfield continued to study for a week each month for two more years, flying every month from Macon to New York using the income she made teaching in Macon to finance her trips. After the two years, she continued to travel to New York as time permitted until her teacher passed away.




Then a near fatal accident almost ended Ms. Barfield’s career when she was literally plowed over by a truck. Se was told she would never play again and that her right hand would be practically non-functioning due to the damage. Defying all odds she summoned her courage and again dedicated herself to her music. After my concert performance at the theatre, Louise captivated me with her own private piano concert, playing selections from Mozart, Chopin, Rachmaninoff, and J.S. Bach into the early morning hours. She has certainly recovered the use of that right hand!

The video clip can be found on the Gillazilla Music Channel on YouTube.

Originally posted 2010-05-10 19:40:07.