Dear Diary,


Well, the last few gigs kinda made me wanna puke.  The pretty boy guitar player who I wanted to have in the band (did I come on too strong?) nailed the audition, and has been with us for three weeks now.


But, aside from him not pulling me aside to tell me how talented I am, there’s a little talk from bass and drums about how “it’s not happening.”


Old guys.


So, THEY book a rehearsal room, so we can “tighten up.”


And, I’m like “fine”.


So, the room we get is long like a stage with mirrors on the wall so we can see how we look.  So, when we rehearse I can look right at John.


And, it’s not happen for me at rehearsal.   Instead of looking back at me, he’s looking at himself.


And messing up the music.


What a jerk.


Thinking about this tonight.


p.s. what is a parakeet mirror, and why does bass and drums (must learn those guy’s name) want to buy John one to pin on his ball cap?




Originally posted 2013-09-20 14:21:06.