Nick Catanese is the rhythm/lead guitarist for the American heavy metal band, Black Label Society.  Alongside BLS founder, Zakk Wylde, the two guitarists have toured the world in support of nine studio release, one live release and three video DVD’s.  Recognized for his unique ability to double Wylde’s playing style and hold his own ground with him on stage, Nick has earned the “Evil Twin” moniker from Wylde himself.

The collaboration with Catanese offers select gauges from the Dean Markley Helix line of strings, as used by the Black Label Society guitarist.   The new Helix string uses a precise elliptical shape for the winding wires; eliminating the need for coatings, treatments or frivolous alloys. The new shape required a new hyper-elliptical winding process resulting in an increased number of wraps along the length of the string. More wraps, more mass.  More mass, more tone.  By using an elliptical wire, the gap between windings is diminished to help prevent buildup of sweat, grime and dirt.   Additional benefits of the elliptical wraps are a smoother feel and less string noise without sacrificing brilliance, resonance and tone.


The Nick Catanese Signature Set includes his choice of custom gauges:
E String: .010
B String: .013
G String: .017
D String: .036
A String: .046
E String: .056

MSRP: $12.95