Limited inputs and failing electronics accelerated the need to upgrade audio system. A DiGiCo SD10 and a pair of SD Racks replaced aging consoles for FOH and monitors

Trinity Assembly of God is a vibrant and diverse 2500-seat house of worship located just north of Baltimore, Maryland on their Lutherville campus founded in 1979. Limited inputs and failing electronics accelerated the need to upgrade its audio system. A DiGiCo SD10 and a pair of SD Racks replaced a TAC Scorpion II 40-channel analog console at front of house and a Soundcraft 32 channel analog monitor board at stage right.

The SD10 at FOH is situated in the sound booth on the main floor of the church, along with one 40-input stage rack with inputs to accommodate wireless receivers (12 channels) and playback devices (6 channels). The SD10 is outputting to QSC Powerlite Amplifiers, which run four Community RS 880 speakers, two Community RS220 speakers, and four Community VBS415 subs for the house sound, plus EV and Community monitor wedges for the choir. The other 56-input rack was placed in an amplifier room just behind stage right and connects to their existing 32 stage inputs and to one breakout snake running to choir loft. The amplifier room stage rack also has an Aviom card installed, which interfaces with an Aviom D-16Pro and A-16II mixers.

“The SD10 solved our mixing challenges by more than doubling our inputs and eliminating the worries that the equipment would fail,” offered Technical Director Mike Smith, on staff at Trinity over 6 years. “In addition to those resolutions, it also eliminated the need for a separate monitor input console for our Aviom system, allowing us to maximize our manpower.”

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For the impetus to purchase the DiGiCo’s specifically, both Smith and Worship & Fine Arts Director Brian Biondo took into consideration price, features and functionality—with help and consultation from Greg Slape Special Events Services.

“When researching a new digital board, there were only a few companies to consider that would meet our needs and DiGiCo was one of them,” Biondo recalled. “We partnered with a consultant who did further research for us, who was able to work with the SD10 and recognized that its price point, vast capability, latest cutting edge technology, and great user-friendly interface would make a perfect fit in our setting with our team.” 
One immediate advantage they discovered mixing with the SD10 in a worship application is session saving.  “It has a two-fold benefit,” offered Smith. “One is the ability to literally save the basic set up for the worship band and choir from inputs to dynamics and have that available week after week.  I can walk in, turn on the console and un-mute the ins and outs and be 90% ready to mix for the day.  The other advantage is the ability to do special services and then be able to recall the regular service settings the following week.” 
“Additionally, the ability to adjust the levels for the auxiliary sends via the faders is very convenient.  This allows us to adjust the monitor mix quickly on the fly during rehearsals and sound checks.  The level meters beside the faders and the outboard levels monitor make visual monitoring of levels easy during operation.” 
The consoles were delivered and installed three weeks prior to Trinity’s largest signature event, “The Splendor of Christmas.” The production included a 100-voice choir, drama cast of 60+ people, and a live 45 piece professional orchestra.  “We received stellar training on the board from DiGiCo and assistance from our consultant, Greg Slape,” says Biondo. “The SD10 was paired with a Meyer Sound Line Array speaker system which, when combined, gave us the best of range and depth to our sound that we have ever experienced in this sanctuary space.  Since Christmas, we have had musical guests, conventions, our Easter weekend, and are preparing for our Patriotic Celebration.” 
And the feedback from the congregation has been extremely positive Biondo notes. “Because we have greater control over the sonic output we have the world of digital at our fingertips. We are not experiencing the amount of complaints on a weekly basis as we always did with the analog board. There are now fewer mistakes/mishaps in our live services, due to technology assisting the sound engineer, and so less attention is actually drawn to the sound team than before. It has been an extremely positive move for this team and congregation. Not to mention the sound quality is world’s better than our old analog console. Clarity has greatly improved with the digital platform.”
“This is our first experience using a DiGiCo,” adds Smith, “but when a recent production brought in their own gear to Trinity, the FOH engineer saw our console and turned to the Production Manager and said, ‘They have an SD10 and you want me to mix on what we brought (an iLive)?’ That was a nice thing to hear and gave us an additional confidence boost!”
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