To support its music, theatre, and a wide range of other on-campus activities, Briarcrest Christian School recently opened the Sparks Chapel Fine Arts Center. To ensure the highest levels of speech intelligibility and music reproduction, the facility is equipped with a sound reinforcement system drawn from the Aero Series 2 catalog of Valencia, Spain-based D.A.S. Audio.

Tennessee Concert Sound, based in Brownsville, was contracted to design and install the new sound system. Stewart Tritt, the firm’s owner, and Jason Long, penned a sound reinforcement setup encompassing twenty-two D.A.S. Aero 8A powered, ultra-compact two-way line array modules, with low frequency support provided by four LX-218CRA self-powered high performance subwoofers.

Jason Long discussed the project. “The Sparks Chapel Fine Arts Center is a multipurpose facility that seats 980 people,” Long explained. “In addition to its use as a Fine Arts performance venue, school assemblies take place here and the space is also used as a worship facility. For this reason, it was very important to school officials that, in addition to providing excellent music reproduction capabilities, the system also had to be capable of very clear, highly intelligible speech delivery. After careful consideration, we elected to deploy a D.A.S. Audio setup that took advantage of the company’s experience in line array technology.”

Due to ceiling height restrictions and the client’s concern for room aesthetics, the primary system is comprised of six sets of flown loudspeaker clusters: left-center-right—each comprised of D.A.S. Audio’s Aero 8A enclosures. To ensure line-of-sight considerations were met, there are three clusters positioned above the front edge of the stage area with a second delay line (left-center-right) positioned behind the main catwalk. This arrangement was created to ensure minimum visibility of the loudspeakers from the audience perspective. Across the front of the stage, there are four recessed areas housing additional Aero 8A loudspeakers. These are used for front fill coverage.

For low frequency support, there are two hang points for the D.A.S. LX-218CRA subwoofers. These are positioned to the left and right of the center main hang, with each suspension point supporting two LX-218CRA enclosures. These sub bass enclosures are flown in a cardioid pattern. The entire setup is augmented by two D.A.S. Avant powered 12A, two-way cabinets that were flown for overhead stage monitoring purposes, along with four D.A.S. Road 12A two-way powered stage monitors. A DBX Driverack 4800 serves as the system controller while the house mixing console is a Digico SD10 with four D-racks connected via fiber optic cabling.

Before turning his attention back to the business of the day, Long offered these parting comments, “Working in conjunction with Ryan Stone, the school’s Technical Director, we’ve created a sound reinforcement system that delivers exceptional audio performance and is capable of addressing a wide range of school activities. Our client has been very complimentary of the new system and the support we received from D.A.S. Audio’s Miami, FL-based staff has been second-to-none. Make no mistake, this is one very cutting edge sound system!”