Danny Carey’s technical ability and unique drumming style have distinguished him as one of the most visible and iconic drummers in the world.

Now, Sonor announces the first shipments of the Danny Carey Signature Snare Drum are showing up in select stores across the US. The Danny Carey Signature Snare Drum is constructed of a 1 mm Bronze Shell and comes with Artist Series Snare Drum Style lugs. The 2.3 mm Power Hoops allow the snare to breath open. All hardware comes in chrome finish. With a diameter of 14” and a depth of 8”, it pays homage to the “Vintage” Signature Line Snare Drum that Danny has preferred throughout his career. The shell is covered by unique talisman symbols between the lugs. Also engraved around the air hole is Danny’s signature, giving the signature snare drum his final, personal touch. MSRP:  $1,079.99

Originally posted 2009-06-17 23:26:47.