It’s quite common for us here at the L2P Network to receive eMails with the subject line "Hey, have you dudes seen…" which typically links to a site with a video that’s self-promotional in nature… but not this time.

This video was recommended to us over the weekend by an alert L2P Network member who found it not only creative and quite funny (and we think it is), as well as something that will bring back a touch of nostalgia for those of us who recall the days of playing in a high school orchestra. Also, at the time of this posting, this still has relatively few views, so it’s not yet gone viral. It’s titled "The Cyber Conductor" and features Aleksey Igudesman & Sebastian Gürtler, together with the Upper Austrian Youth Orchestra. the video not only illustates the remarkable abilities of these young musicians, but humorously combines classical music with a common concept of the present day. Enjoy!

Originally posted 2009-10-05 13:10:34.