I don’t normally do PSAs but here goes… 


So, I am having a new bass drum built for me and of course, I need a bag.  (It’s been a while since I needed one).  


So, I ask one of my colleagues for a reference and I am referred to Beato Bags.  I am also told that I should contact Fred Beato directly.  


That’s strange I thought, isn’t that like me calling Neil Peart to check on the availability of seats for a Rush show?  


Anyway, I email “Fred.”  And guess what?  “Fred” gets right back to me and to boot, it’s Fred Beato, the owner.  


Well, 15 minutes later after finding out what a good guy Fred Beato is I ordered my new 24″ bass drum bag and I am here to tell you that I have never enountered such hands on and courteous customer service.  


I might also add that I am having an equipment issue with another vendor who is in a similar line of manufacturing.  However, I note, the “other company” is ignoring my calls despite the fact that their product is defective! 


Unfortunately, with the “other company” I did not (and still have not) gotten a response about a replacement and the other product broke after just two weeks of use.  


The nerve!  


Anyway, when these two experiences collided I had to tell you guys about Beato.  


My experience with Fred was quite the opposite from the one I had with the “other company” and guess what, I am now Fred’s customer because of that experience. Many drummers use Beato Bags because they are a great product and I get that.  


But besides that, I root for the professional and courteous businessman, and Fred Beato is one of them.


What a refreshing alternative to text messages, automated voice menus, and email communication.  From now on its Beato for K Bo………that’s in the bag for sure.



For more information please visit www.beatobags.com    

Originally posted 2013-04-09 18:30:43.