Where Does Your Inspiration Come From?
I have found that my best and most impacting songs are written when I am having some kind of special moment or day when The Father feels exceptionally close and intimate, and it makes me want to sing-whether for help or for praise and thankfulness. I mean really sing from my heart, my own words or should I say ‘His words’. Sometimes it’s from a heart of joy and thanksgiving, other times it’s after having just renewed my thoughts and commitment to Him after going through something challenging.

    A writer should always have a notepad and writing utensil, etc. handy . It’s like telling God, “I’m ready, I’m thankful, I’m open to your inspiration.  Put a song in my heart Lord and I will praise and glorify You with it.”  Look at Job 32:8-11.

    One very important key is to keep yourself spiritually nurtured so that you will recognize and trust in your inspiration when it comes.  When it does come, write it down, no matter how few or how many words even if it doesn’t sound like a song in that moment.  The initial inspiration will more than likely become your chorus.  Prayer and trusting God with your whole heart will initiate the following verses coming together however awkward they may seem at the time. Verses will subsequently build around the meaning or essence of those first few lines.  A scripture that comes to mind in relation to this is Proverbs 3:5&6.

God bless your heart,
Charlie and Rita