Proverbs 29:18 tells us how important vision is in life. When writing Christian music it is important to have vision and purpose for why. What is the point of your songs? If your lyrics don’t contain the Word of God at least in principle, you can’t give people godly vision for their lives.

     Do you want to motivate? Do you want to comfort? Do you want to heal? All of these can be accomplished by using His Truth in your life, in the words that you write and ultimately sing. When you write and sing for God and His glory, it is never just a song!

Perhaps the most significant purpose of music is that it provides one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to remember God’s Word. Shortly before Moses’ death, just before the children of Israel were to enter into their new homeland, God inspired Moses to write a song by revelation and teach it to His people. This song was written to continually remind them of God’s deliverance. God knows how easy it is for people to remember His Word through song. Look at Deuteronomy 31:19-22.

    By reminding people of the goodness of God through your songs, you not only help them get back on track but you also bring them joy in doing it and the reminder that God loves them wherever they are. Deuteronomy 32 is Moses’ song and a perfect reminder of how our words should land in people’s hearts.

    So what is it you specifically want to accomplish with your music? Ask yourself before, during and after it’s written, if you’re hitting the mark. Are you happy with your answer? Ok, now pray about it and make any revisions to give it rhythmic structure. We’ll talk about that soon!

Happy writing and may your heart overflow,
Charlie and Rita Smith