Use what God has done for you!

God has been doing so much in our lives lately which brings us right to our topic—Using what God has done for you.

Keeping a close relationship with God opens many wonderful doors and avenues. Because of the many experiences God gives us, it allows us to express those experiences in words and music. It’s important to keep our songs genuine and heartfelt to move and inspire others.

The best songs are the ones we have lived!

David is a good example of that and Psalms 25 is a great song that he wrote from the heart. David sought God with his whole heart, not half-heartedly. Look at Psalms 119:10.

We recently wrote a song entitled “Livin’ On The Give”, which is all about serving and giving, loving and living for Him because of all He has done for us. It expresses the reality of what He has done internally enabling us to handle life’s situations, so we can express His presence externally. This song has literally moved people to tears of thankfulness and healing. No room for doubting that this is what our Heavenly Father wanted said. After all He knows who will hear it before we even write it; it’s just a matter of writing it right!

So ask yourself this, “How did my Heavenly Father bless me today? Did something unique happen?  Did I meet someone unexpectedly that cheered my heart or maybe I had an opportunity to cheer theirs? Did He talk to me this morning when I set aside quiet time with Him? In general was it a good day, more pros than cons?” Now there is something only you can write about!!

Bless you and happy writing,
Charlie and Rita

PS would enjoy hearing from you whether comments or questions