Keep the Communication Lines Open. In order to keep the communication lines open with God, it is important to maintain a faithful prayer life. It is also important to remember to listen when He attempts to direct us. Psalms 5:1-3 is a great example of a close, personal relationship with God in prayer. This is the kind of relationship Our Heavenly Father desires to have with us.

 Read Psalms 143:8, this scripture shows, how we can expect Gods loving response and direction, and this includes writing songs that glorify and praise Him. After all, why wouldn’t He give us the words if our hearts desire is right before Him? He wants us to sing praises to and about Him.

            A beautiful heart in response to His direction is in Psalms 100:1-5. This passage is actually a wonderfully uplifting song we enjoy singing in our bible study at times.

            As singers, writers, and musicians we have a very significant ministry available to us. With our music, we exhibit a readiness and willingness to serve the bread of life to our fellow believers and to others with words and music that both teach and inspire them to make the standard of God’s Word their own. Then, the real joy comes when we get to see them do and serve God’s Word to others through their particular talent and ability.

            There are far too many scriptures about prayer to list here but it is a great study and there are actually many kinds of prayer. For you studiers, 3 synonymous words for prayer(n) are listed in 1 Timothy 2:1; supplications(deesis),prayers( proseuche), intercessions(enteuxis) and these are wonderful to understand in regards to communication with God. For you Companion Bible fans of which I am one, Appendix 134 is a great study and will enrich your understanding of an open, personal, trusting relationship with God through prayer.

 Talking to God often is definitely where I have seen Him work in me and give me the words, which become the song, which blesses Him back as well as others and every time I am in awe at how He does this!

We trust this will enhance your songwriting. May the words flow!


God bless you,

Charlie and Rita