How many times have you been drawn to a booth at a convention anywhere on the planet? For me, I’d have to say that – hands down – the most intriguing and fun one that I’ve stopped by five years running is at the annual European MusikMesse music industry event held in Frankfurt, Germany each spring. The reigning champion Coolest Booth hosts are Dan Moi, a German based outfit of world musical instruments, with every noise making gizmo imaginable and a well-cast group of Monty Python-esque crew gleefully demoing the products non-stop throughout the four-day event.
Gilewitz_dan moi group shot (640x288)
The smiles grow wider every minute as harps are twanged, melodious tongues are activated, singing magnets are tossed about just before a large Feng gong crashes through the sound barrier, temporarily stilling any tongue, lip, lung or nose hair movement in the vicinity. It’s just temporary though. Suddenly a double tweedy sound worm appears and a last minute grim looking and skeptical attendee busts out in a smile and within seconds he’s personally attempting to simultaneously operate a bird whistle along with the latest nose flute.
Gilewitz_dan moi laurie (351x640)Want to sound like wildlife, a jovial clown or simply feel the effect that your own wide eyes can contribute to the fun? Attend the booth at a Dan Moi event and truly enter the world of cultural sounds, the theatre of the absurd, and be sure to walk away with one of their magical toys or instruments.

I guarantee your world will be a little happier.
Richard Gilewitz April 2014

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