Remember that feeling Christmas Morning seeing the distinctive shape of a guitar covered with wrapping paper under the tree…and that feeling of tearing into the paper to find that awesome 6-string beauty?


Me, too…and I want to feel it again.  So, Santa, if you happen to be reading this, here a few guitars that would make me feel real, real giddy.


1.  The Airline Map by Eastwood Guitars.  (pictured above) Eastwood made a name for itself a few years back by recreating some of the more off-beat and wacky guitars favored by the likes of Jack White, David Lindley and Ry Cooder.  Actually, beyond recreating these instruments, they improved them with higher quality components and friendlier necks.  The Airline Map is based of the old National fiberglass model guitars, but with a chambered mahogany body.


jazzmaster 122313


2. Fender American Vintage ’65 Jazzmaster.  Okay, if you don’t have a Stratocaster and/or Telecaster, I might suggest getting one of those first…I find that they are more versatile guitars.  But, if you’re the guy or girl that marches to the beat of your own bongos, the Jazzmaster will set you apart from the masses.  Despite it name, it can rock, just ask Elvis Costello and Kurt Cobain.  Oh, wait…


Martin 00-DB Jeff Tweedy Model


3. Martin 00-DB Jeff Tweedy.  Martin’s Dreadnaught guitars may have the limelight, but more and more people are re-discovering the pleasure of their smaller body guitars.  This mahogany topped, rich sunburst hued instruments looks how Jeff Tweedy’s music sounds: just like it had just found its way out of the dust bowl.  And, it is made of all certified woods, to boot.


guilele_ce_front 122313


4. Cordoba Guilele CE.  This 6-string baby is a cross between a ukulele and a guitar, and tuned A to A…a fourth higher than a standard guitar, but with the same familiar intervals between strings.  Therefore, there’s no learning curve (or limitations), so the guitarist can instantly transition to capture the hip vibe of what the Guilele has to offer.  Its size also makes it a great traveling companion.


gretsch 12 string 122313


5. Gretsch Electromatic G5422-12 Electric 12-string.  Okay, let’s face it.  You have your favorite guitar, and you have your favorite back-up guitar.  After that it is time to dive into tonal diversity.  This Electromatic 12 is certainly one way to do it.  The hollowbody and Black Top pickups provide all the Beatles/Byrds/Petty chime you can handle and the neck/action makes you forget you’re playing a 12 string.


Guild GSR T-500


6. Guild GSR T-500 Hollowbody Electric.  Sure, the model name leaves a lot to be desired, the guitar itself certainly doesn’t.  I’ve yet to get my hands on the T-500 to try out, but by its looks and specs, this guitar can jump, jive and wail.  Come on, solid spruce top, P-90 pickups, a Guild Bigsby…can you say cool?


les paul t 122313


7. Gibson Les Paul Signature T with the Min-Tune.  One of these blew through my office just long enough for a first look review, and was returned to Gibson way too soon.  The Min-ETune, automatically tunes the guitar to various standard, drop and open tunings with a mere touch of a button, which is cool enough.  But the Les Paul it was on was a light, responsive tone machine with a slim taper neck that felt great to play.


Fano SP-6


8. Fano SP-6 in Reso White.  Dennis Fano’s guitars are built as if all the great manufacturers of the 50’s and 60’s worked in conjunction with each other, combining the best features of each (and then aged to look like they have been gigged with from the get-go).  Others have tried this before, but the results never looked so astounding.  This cool guitar has the shape of a Les Paul; the German carve of a Ric or National; Tele bridge, bridge pickup and control plate; Gold sparkle binding and neck Filtertron pickup as per Gretsch; and a Bigsby a la’ all of the above.


Merry Chirstmas, everyone!

Originally posted 2012-12-17 15:31:38.