Grammy Award winning sax player, Kirk Whalum, walked in, picked up his sax, and said, “Let us pray.”It was an epiphany. Never before had I even given thought to the idea that a solo saxophone could become such a remarkably blessed instrument of praise and worship. Kirk played … or more accurately “prayed,” for several minutes as we who had gathered sat, heads bowed, listening, meditating, clearing our minds and allowing the Lord to speak to us through music as never before. It was my introduction to Praise and Worship music — without words.


That was three years ago, at the Cristian Musician Summit. The CMS event is held in three locations across the US each year. For 2013, the first event will be held in Buffalo, NY, May 3rd and 4th followed by events Nashville, TN and Redmond, WA. Each year, the cast of featured performers and speakers changes, but the mix of experienced, highly talented and very approachable singers, players, songwriters, worship leaders and sound techs remains consistently high. As one who has attended the event, filling my time in the most meaningful ways was not an issue. Along with an opening worship session, I attended several break-out sessions (topped off by the aformentioned Kirk Whalum presentation) and had some time to ander about the exhibit area. Well worth the time all around whether you are leading worship, running the sound board or searching to discover how you can best apply your skills and improve your talents in your music and sound ministry.

Originally posted 2013-01-28 18:49:34.