On May 25th I was invited to attend first annual 2013 City of Angels Guitar Show at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena California.



The show was put on by Anthony Angel and it ran from 9am til 9pm and they even had live bands too.



As soon as I arrived at the venue at the check in table I was greeted by Anthony’s friendly staff that couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful and informative.



When I walked in to the venue I saw so many friends and was so much cool gear. I even spotted a few high profile players including Joe Bonamassa who was there checking our gear as well.


gtr show 4 052813


There was definitely some great vintage gear on hand and some bargains to be had (I managed to get a very cool $5 pedal).


Well needless to say, I was there for hours and caught some of the performances of the bands they booked.  These bands played in room conveniently located right off the main floor.


One of the cool things about the show is the over all volume was very reasonable even though you had had everyone trying out gear and even had live bands playing.


gtr show 2 052813


I attend and perform at many guitar shows through out the year and sometimes the over all volume in the room is way excessive.  This show was definitely one of my favorites for sure and I really enjoyed the casual mellow atmosphere.


gtr show 3  052813


I really hope they have another one next year, if so I’m so there for sure.  Based off the attendance of this year’s show, it appeared to be a big success.


– Ronny North